BF7 Invited Builder : Mick Evangelista

Every year we try to analyze the invited builder group..where they are from, the make of bike they build and their style. We do this to try and make sure we cover different areas of the country and the different styles of bikes being built….This is where Mick comes in. Mick from Mick’s Chop Shop in Riverside Ca brings a style that we have not had in our invited builder group before…A tall,long & lean 70’s style full show chopper. Mick’s sexy Shovel from a few years back won best chopper and the award was given by the one and only Sugar Bear! That says something about the quality and style Mick possesses. This year he’s building a classic 70’s inspired full show Pan/Shovel that will feature one of his scratch built narrow springer’s , a custom frame and some tasteful vintage touches. Look out for Mick’s builder video and more build updates soon