BF7 Invited Builder : Kyle Edgar

Kyle was part of the Show Class Peoples Champ Promo for BF6 although he was not crowned the Peoples Champ winner, his killer VL framed Shovelhead took home top honors in it’s class at the show. Kyle’s bike was a crowd favorite and really blew us away. We knew right then we wanted him to build a bike for BF7…and few months later he said yes. This platform works and will continue to work. We don’t know everyone and can’t possibly know what everyone is building so getting involved in a promo like the Show Class Peoples Champ really helps us and brings out talented builders that may get overlooked. Here are a few words from Kyle….
At first I was undecided as to what motor I was going to build this bike around. I always wanted to build a Flatty, but wasn’t sure I could come up with one. I had a lead on a ’38 ULH motor, but it was outta my range. With some patience and good friends on the lookout, I was able to ultimately lock down a ’46 Flathead UL. I plan on keeping the motor traditional… a stock 74″ with upgraded cams. The frame I’m using is ’49 Pan wishbone that had been through the wringer, and I wanted to give it a new life. I shortened the tail 2″ and dropped the backbone and down-tubes just enough to hug the motor. I narrowed an RL springer….. and that’s about where I’m at. This motor has been inspiring me to go in the direction of a track bike/’60’s style show bike… it will have the stance and grit of a performance machine integrated with the nuances of a custom build. I tend to let my bikes take shape on their own, and I’m looking forward to where this one takes me!
I am truely honored to have been picked as an invited builder and to be among such an amazingly talented group of guys. Looking forward to June!