BF7 Invited Builder: Shawn Donahue

Party? Shawn is know worldwide for his ability to party but he his also building a reputation has a top notch bike builder, fabricator and
 frame restoration guru. Shawn’s ability to learn and create is something I have never seen before…there is really nothing he can’t do if his mind is set on it. He opened his shop up a few years back (Bronsonville) with partner Pablo in Pomona CA and has been turning out high quality work ever since. This year he is back as a builder and here’s the story…For Born-Free this year I’m building an 86″ stroker Knucklehead chopper. This build is inspired by an older Swedish bike that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve always loved Joakim Frantz’s knucklehead “Satan’s Dream” and have wanted to build my take on that bike for years. I’m excited to get the chance to finally do that this year! I will be building the frame, gas tank, oil tank, and springer front end from scratch, as well as controls, handle bars, sissy pole etc. This bike will be long and thin with tons of fabrication and full show chrome & paint. Party.