BF7 Invited Builder : Joe Lingley

The first builder post for BF7 is on Big Joe Lingley of Live Free Cycles in New Hampshire. Joe is known for building his body & really tough bikes that can move. Joe was recently married, opened his new shop and still committed 100 % to Born-Free. The big guy has a heart of gold and pythons for biceps. Here is Joe’s description of his build:

1948 Indian Chief- 

Frame is mostly stock except it’s been cut here and there and all un necessary mounts will be removed. I Modified a 70s Moto Guzzi fork and trees, weird headlight I got in a pile of parts yesterday. I am using a Moto Guzzi dual action magnesium brake up front with 18″ Borrani wheel. Stainless Sportster style bars with internal throttle and spark advance. Narrowed Indian tanks with black paint and gold leaf scallops. Bates seat with coppersmith rear fender. 16″ Borrani aluminum shouldered rim with Indian hub and rear brake assembly, modified magnesium cover on left side. Engine is a stroker 84″ with S&S wheels, custom Max Brubeck lengthened rods with custom pistons, front drive magneto with a custom oil pump driven tachometer.  Relieved cylinders with custom cam lobes, modified heads for high lift cam and domed pistons.  Modified Mothers manifold for Indian cylinders, SU remote float down draft style carb, custom exhaust, king clutch, modified foot controls,   modified transmission top with left jockey style shift.  All fab and engine building will be done in house by my father and myself. This bike should pull really hard for a side valve or be a really expensive hand grenade…Joe