The ONLINE cut off date for the Fast Pass wristbands and the poster/ticket for the giveaway promo is June 16th. If you want to buy a Fast Pass wristband that will get you and your bike parked inside ( Guaranteed)  the show earlier than people without them buy now! If you want to win one of the 12 participating invited builder bikes and the winner of the show class people champ promo bike…and the 1947 Knucklehead built by Small City Cycles buy a poster/ticket combo now online through Lowbrow Customs now before they are sold out.The Fast Pass wristbands will sell out and we are getting real close. Once sold out you will need to wait in line , get off ur bikes ,pay and then go inside..if there’s room for ur bike. The last two years we were at max bike capacity before noon inside the show. If parking inside the show and having a chance to win best in show or any other award get a Fast Pass and get ur bike inside!! If you are driving a car or riding a bike you don’t want in the show the FAST PASS WRISTBAND is not for you…just parked and pay at the gate!!  GO TO THE LOWBROW SITE AND GET URS NOW–