We want to thank the Mooneyes group for their generous sponsorship. For the last few years they have sponsored the BF Best In Show Award. The winner of the award goes to the Mooneyes HRCS in Yokohama Japan with their bike. The planning, time involved and overall preparation that goes into taking a show bike & guest to Japan is a lot more than you think…a lot!  We are getting a taste of this now by bringing over some guests from Japan for BF…it’s very difficult & very expensive ,so we know the challenges they go through. It’s overwhelming to say the least.  Nobody does it better than Mooneyes… Shige , Chico , Makoto and the handsome Mooneyes model.. Steve Sare.So hats off to these dudes!!   This year we have raised the stakes & Mooneyes family is right by are side. The Best in Show winner than will be chosen from the CROWD will go to Japan and the top invited builder will also go.  This is a huge honor and a trip /experience of a lifetime for the winners and us. You will be representing the best of what  Born-Free is about and American people. Get your bikes finished and to the show!!  See you soon~