Born-Free Awards

This year we will have about 20 awards to give out. They range from Best Chopper to Best Modern..and everything in between. We have the spirited Born-Free Award that gets passed on year after year from the previous winner..The Best in Show that is open to anyone with a bike inside the show grounds( this is why the fast pass is important). The Winner of the BIS award goes to Mooneyes HRCS in Yokohama Japan in December with their bike. The invited builders are excluded from Best in Show award. This year we are adding a new award : The Most Outstanding Motorcycle Award. This award will  be given out to the bike will blow minds & remind us just when think you have seen it all & its been done before… not like this! We also have our Invited Builder awards. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will receive cash prizes and the 1st. place builder will receive a trip to the Mooneyes HRCS with their bike in December. The invited builders vote amongst themselves to determine the winners. If a shot of winning an award is important to you please get your bike parked on the grass and not hidden in a vendor booth or behind a tree. We can’t pick if we can’t find it. Get those bikes finished and to the show…JUNE 28 – 29 TH