Duas Caras Cycles / Born-Free 6 Special / Guest From Nagoya

In early December we went out to the Mooneyes HRCS show in Yokohama Japan and presented an award ” The Born-Free Pick”. The winner of this award was invited to Born-Free 6 as a special guest along with their bike. Tatsuya Fujii ( aka Ron) from Duas Caras Cycles in Nagoya was the recipient of the award.
 There were so many nice bikes at this show and it was very difficult to pick just one as the winner.. but his crazy 1938 Knuckle chopper was a mind blower & definitely deserved to take home the award.
Duas Caras Cycles is based in Nagoya which is a hot-bed for old choppers & vintage motorcycles. The scene is very strong and the guys & girls build & ride some of the coolest choppers anywhere in the world. It’s truly an honor to have him & his Knuckle at BF6. Check out what Ron is bringing to BF6 and some past builds.

                                                               1938 Knuckle (( BF Pick ))