BF 6 Giveaway Bikes?

We are working on what bikes will be in the promo this year.. and yes I said bikes! That’s 2 bikes. One each day. We are talking with our invited builders and we will have a final list together soon on who is in on the giveaway for day One. The Day 2 bike is still on the table. We are asking for your help.
 Would you like to see another builder bike,a survivor bike, an FXR, a stocker, chopper or early model?.. Let us know. The more info we have the happier you will be. The details on the rest of the promo and the poster w/ free ticket is in the stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “BF 6 Giveaway Bikes?

  1. hooligan says:

    I like the idea of being able to choose one of the builder bikes as long as they see enough of the raffle sale to at least break even on the bike. That should cover just about everyone's taste in style and make the bike just that much more special. I'd just hate to walk up on stage thinking that one of these dudes are gonna take a hit from giving a years worth of hard labor away. I'm guessing that's how it all works anyways but assume something something blah blah, you know the saying.

  2. mark smith says:

    A chopper should be given away at a "chopper show". Be it a "builder bike" or a Kio build or who ever… keep doin' whatcha been doin'!
    Remember why you guys started this thing and then follow your hearts. Oh Hell! Build another Knuckle chop! See ya in June!

  3. Chief aka Big Nasty says:

    Choppers, Traditional Bobbers, hell even a gently smoozed over stocker! Whether it be Flattys, Knucks, Pans and Early Shovels, the rest is just DOOKIE!

    But picking your Scoot is the best way to go! Winner all the way around.

  4. hintoflime says:

    How about a "Where are they now" of all the old give away bikes? I'm curious to see if these guys are riding the shit out of them or changed them up/painted/sold them.

  5. andy says:

    i am with hooligan on this. maybe i am just biased because i have been in the builders series, but i think giving away the builder bikes makes two people win for each give away. being a builder puts a serious dent in your wallet.

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