Duane Ballard BF5 Builder Update

Duane sent in some progress pics of his BF5 Kawasaki Drag bike build. He is looking right on track to be done and running at BF5..stay tuned for more updates from Duane and the other builders…HE WRITES…Here it is as of this morning( LAST WEEK). I should have the head back from APE this week do I can finish the motor up and get it in the bike. Pete Hot Dog Finlan is in the middle of paint. I have no idea what he is doing except the main color and a VERY vague direction for him to do his thing. That tiny gauge from Dakota Digital is a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, oil pressure light, neutral light, turn signal indicator, etc. Im looking forward to having a gauge on one of my bikes. I like diggers but think if the originators of that style had the performance brakes, controls, etc. that are available today they would of used them also. Thanks! Duane