Harley Davidson & Born-Free

    This year Harley-Davidson is the Top Sponsor for Born-Free 5. We just spent a few days in beautiful Milwaukee touring the Power Train Plant,The Corporate Offices and The Museum.It’s absolutely amazing to see where the motorcycles we covet so much originate from.The museum is indescribable in words you must see it for yourself to fully appreciate the history and tradition of the greatest motorcycles ever made and still being made today.

Harley’s participation in this year’s show has been a blessing to say the least and is letting us do even more for the show and all of you.Harley Davidson will award their new 2013 Screaming Eagle 120R motor to talented someone at Born-Free to build a bike around for BF 6. This a very special & generous award can go to anyone who attends Born-Free with a bike they have built that exemplifies the creative & artistic expression of what this show is all about.There is no ticket to buy… no rules to this promotion and is open to all…so if you are building a bike as an invited guest or one of many who are simply regular guys working on a bike in their garage’s at night…you could win this motor and be part of something very special at next year’s show!! This is an incredible opportunity for someone and a great honor for The Born-Free Show. Here are a few pics of the trip & the Power Train….