General Show Info (( PLEASE READ ))

Hey folks we are only 51 days from the show!! It’s definitely going to be bigger than last year and better.We have re set the entire show to give us more room to roam. The showbike area has been moved & the size has been increased tremendously… also the Invited Builder Bike area has moved and will be right in the center of the action with much more room around the bikes.We will have a new main entrance for all bikes and will have the proper signage to get you in quickly.

If this is your first time coming to the show there are a few things to note: It’s a family friendly show.We have a NO COLORS POLICY that we must abide by and we thank you in advance for your cooperation on this. The canyon is a beautiful scenic ride but it’s a dangerous road and you will be stopped by the authorities if you are speeding,hot roding or have had too much please be careful.The event site owner supplies & sells all the Beer…period! No alcohol will be allowed to be brought in…No COOLERS please. He is a great guy and gives us alot of rope to have our event the way we want but he could lose his liquor license if this this stuff happens.Lastly NO PETS…Again NO PETS of any kind.The Security is going to be more diligent this year on what comes through the gates so please respect what we have to do to do this event…and do it for FREE! We hope to see you all on June 29 th 2013….