Andy Carter BF5 Builder Update

Andy Carter from Pangea Speed in Salt Lake City, Utah is back for his 3rd. time as a BF builder. His last 2 bikes were so unique and innovative he was a definite standout amongst our builders and a fan favorite for the spectators. Andy is kind of a mad scientist of the motorcycle world and is always pushing himself and his bikes to the limit. This years build is well underway and here’s a taste of the work he has done and some words from the man….Hi Mike,

I am trucking along on my bike slowly but surely. I have a bunch of work projects that I need to get wrapped up here shortly then I will be in full BF5 mode!
I named the bike MK-ULTRA after the mind control project that the us government started in the early 50’s, what does that have to do with motorcycles or whats going on in the chopper world currently….. I will let you figure that out…
So far I have gotten a lot of interesting feed back on this bike, people seem to be surprised that I am building a “period correct chopper”. If you go back through the bikes that I have built over the last couple builders series this would seem like a departure from my past bikes. If you zoom out and look at all the bikes that i have built as a whole its pretty clear that i like to dip into all types of motorcycle styles and platforms. This year I felt like it was time to do a bike that pays homage to the bikes that Born Free was designed around. With that being said in my usual fashion I have to throw in a little curve ball…. I get really pumped to see other guys like Jason Phares, Mattias Andersson, Scott Jones, and Brandon Casquilho who are also trying to give something back to the industry by designing and producing their own custom parts. I hope to be able to inspire other people to go build something cool.

What I have here is some pics of the frame, that I have been customizing. I stretched the frame verticly 4 in at the neck and 1.5in at the seat post and deraked the neck so that it sits at about 33 degrees (with the up stretch if I didn’t derake it I would be at about 45 degrees)

As far as the front end goes I am building my own one off springer using some old model A trailing arms that I have mated to some HD springs and hand made bracing and forward legs.Dave Polgreen hooked me up with this original  banana tank that I am restoring, its pretty rough so I took out the tunnel and am knocking out all the dents and then I will weld it back together. I am not going to do much to the tank astheticly minus new mounting tabs. I really like the stance that the tank has the way it is, sometimes less is more.  I have gone through the entire transmission during reassembly so that I can guarantee that its all good tip to tail for the person that picks my bike for the giveaway promo.Motor wise I am running a 52 pan that has been stroked to 88in, the motor was built by Randy at Runamuk motor shop here in SLC. Randy builds some of the cleanest motors I have ever seen, his shop is also cleaner than most hospitals that I have seen….STAY TUNED 
-Andy Carter