Builder Spotlight The CZ’S

Scott Stopnik & The Cycle Zombies are building a early 60’s Roth inspired full show Knucklehead for Born-Free 5. The Zombies are a Father( Big Scott)two sons (Turkey & Scotty) and a nephew Chase. Skaters,surfers,musicians,artists…these dudes can do it all.The guys all have their hands in this build and all have their rolls… from a early concept sketch from Chase to sourcing the rare parts by Scotty, the Turk’s style and influences are all over the bike and the build is in the capable hands of Big Scott. This incredible bike is in our Builder Bike giveaway promo @ BF5 so if it’s your taste and your number it’s called…you will be riding it home!!  Loser Machine Co. came out and shot these photo’s of the guys and did an interview too…Check it out on the Loser Machine blog..

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