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This years Builder Invite is truly an international event and having Swedish builder Mattias (LeBeef) Andersson is an honor.Mattias has built some very cool bikes and some really neat quality parts over the years and has helped Sweden become a hot bed for old bikes and it’s culture.Mattias’easy going nature and genuinely nice personality has made it a pleasure to have him involved in the show this year. Mattias also wrote this::

To start with I would like to say that I’m super honored to be part of Born-Free and being one of the invited builder together with all those talented builders.
The plan was to build my Born-Free bike in my shop in Sweden and have it shipped over to California for the show, had this idea of building “something” out of a Duoglide and of course when you looking for something specific you just won’t find anything like that for sale…
There’s lots of bikes/parts in Sweden but seems like people hold on to their stuff these days, and me being to stubborn to get rid of that idea and do something else! Also for shipping the bike in and out from different countries I needed something that could be identified as what it is. All the sudden Joe at Live Free Cycle Sales had a decent -60 Duoglide (Panhead) for sale so I changed the plan and decided to build it USA instead, Dan Collins at Old Gold Garage had already offered me to build the bike in his shop so I got the bike shipped over to his place and bought a flight ticket for myself.
Fabricated some parts for the bike in Sweden and shipped over there before I left, then I went to California for 12 days something. Had 10 days for working on the bike anyhow! Would loved to stay longer and put more time into the bike but its to hard to be away from my shop in sweden, seems like the bills keep on coming even if I’m not there..!
In those 10 days I managed to get most of the fabrication done so everything is ready to get painted and chromed. Then I’m going back later on and do the final assembling of the bike, still need to fabricate and chrome some parts but that I gonna get done in Sweden and ship over before I go there next time… Thank you~LeBeef.
 Our Builder Invite sponsor Loser Machine Co. sent a photographer out to see Lebeef a few weeks back when he was in LA and wrote up a nice story…Check out here   

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