BF5 Invited Builder Joey Cano

Joey (The Fish) Cano is living in Texas..building,riding and painting old motorcycles.He has built some very nice machines over the years( see Panhead below) and his new build for BF5 is looking tight! He is building a slimmed down 47 Knucklehead chopper.Tight bars,narrowed front end and a killer inside the frame exhaust make this bike very very skinny….We should have more pics and his video soon. Joey is also one of the builders participating in the bike giveaway promo so you can win this bike at Born-Free 5. You simply buy a poster for 25.00 get the free ticket that will enter you,come to the show and if we pull your number you choose the bike you want…Where in the world can you win your choice of 19 bikes? Including 5 Knuckleheads!!