Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Bikes

We have some great guys this year and here’s what they are building:: 
Alan Richards(Pre Unit Triumph)
Andy Carter*(’52 Panhead)
Big Scott Stopnik*(’46 Knucklehead)
Bill Mize*(’48 Panhead)
Brandon Holstein(Brawny Sportster)
Caleb Owens*(’49 Panhead)
Chopper Dave*(Sportster Street Tracker)
Dave Barker*(’50 Panhead)
Dave Polgreen*(’37 UL)
Domenic M.*(’49 Panhead)
Dylan M.(’66 Shovelhead)
Jasin Phares (’55 Panhead)
Jason Sheets*(’31 VL)
Jeff Leighton (‘FK Panhead)
Jeremiah Armenta (’48 UL)
Joey Cano*(’47 Knucklehead)
Josh Conley*(’47 Knucklehead)
Kevin Baas*(’52 Panhead)
Kiyo*(CB 750)
Kouske* (’49 Panhead)
Larry Pierce (’47 Knucklehead)
Len Higa ( ?)
Matt Olsen (’23 HD)
Mattias LeBeef (’60Panhead)
Max Schaaf*(’67 Shovelhead)
Michael Barragan (?)
Scott T-Bone Jones (’52 Panhead)
Todd Asin*(’54 PreUnit Triumph)
Atomic Trent (Gen Shovelhead)
Yaniv Evans(’47 Knucklehead)
Wink Eller( Winks’s American Flyer)
If they have a * next to there name they have committed to the bike promo and you can win their bike at the shOW !!!

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