1st Builder Post

This year we going to have several updates on all the builders plus a video or two for each guy. Some of the guys you will know or have heard their names and some you won’t know…that’s what makes this international builder invite so cool and so much fun. Alan Richards a New Zealander living in Canada that emailed me last year about building a bike for BF4 but we were to far along in the process to hear his story. Late this summer he emailed again….the rest is history. Here is a taste of what Alan is about and what he is doing:

Vintage Triumphs have been my passion for 24 years. Over that period of time, I’ve always been fascinated with the ’60’s Triumph show bikes specifically. I love the clean lines and the bikes are well proportioned. To be actually building these bikes at this stage in my life is a dream come true. I love the process of continuous Learning of the skills required and to be able to have a finished period bike at Born Free 5 next to all of the other prestigious builders is an honor and a dream come true. It’s like we’re all getting the chance to live in the ’60’s for that one day at Born Free.                   

For the show, I’m building an early ’60’s Triumph show bike using a 1953 rigid frame. The motor is a 1959 TR6. The bike was fabricated and               assembled in my garage using the basics, grinders, files, welder, etc… I had some friends help me out with some lathe work and some of the trickier  welding. I take great pride in the detail and every part that goes into my build. 

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