Born-Free 5 Builder List

Here is the final line up. We asked some guys & some guys asked. We are very happy & excited to have as many talented guys who want to build  bikes for this year’s show. Some of the names you will know and some you won’t. We feel we have a great mix of styles this year from early bobbers, 60’s & 70’s style choppers to the modern cafe’s & street trackers….these guys will deliver. If you want to be a builder in the show you still have a chance.The Show Class Magazine ( People’s Champ) promo is in full swing and they are searching the globe for willing & able builders. Visit the Show Class magazine site for the details @   Thank you to all of you that wanted to get  involved. This show is only as good as the people who support it.

In alphabetical order, they are:

Alan Richards
Andy Carter
Big Scott Stopnik
Bill Mize
Brandon Holstein
Caleb Owens
Chopper Dave
Dave Barker
Dave Polgreen
Domenic Mingirulli
Dylan Mingirulli
Jason Phares
Jason Sheets “56 Panhead”
Jeff Leighton
Jerimiah Armenta
Joey Cano
Josh Conley
Kevin “Teach” Baas
Larry Pierce
Len Higa
Matt Olsen
Mattias LeBeef
Max Schaaf
Michael Barragan
Scott T-Bone Jones
Todd Asin
Trent Shara
Wink Eller

4 thoughts on “Born-Free 5 Builder List

  1. Wink Eller says:

    Wink "Hillbilly" Eller November 25,2012 7:44PM
    It is an honor to build with all the rest of the builders for the BF 5. Let the wrenches sling and the torch,hammer,welder and paint gun sing to the build of a new bike. As a famous redneck once said "HEY Y'ALL WATCH THIS"

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