Born-Free Five

The date has been set for Saturday June 29 th 2013..same location Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado California. We do not want to Born-Free everyone to death so we really won’t start promoting the show for a few more months.There are a lot of great events coming up … Brooklyn Invitational,Two Wheels Brazil & The MoonEyes show in get out and support these events too. We have tried to work out all the logistics and finance’s of a two day show and we just can not do it without changing the entire dynamic of the show. We hope you can understand how difficult it is to put on a free show of the size. What we would like to encourage is… someone to plan some events around the show.We understand and appreciate the thousands that attend the show and know many of you are traveling great distances to be here with us so we want you to have plenty of things to do before and after the show. A pre party, BBQ, a ride, after party,camp out, a bon fire at the beach….it’s up to you. If you get something organised we will be happy to help you promote it. We are looking for TOP SPONSORS so if you are interested please email me

4 thoughts on “Born-Free Five

  1. WhitelinePsycho says:

    Despite my best laid plans, attending BF4 fell in a heap, I'm sorting it with my ex this weekend to avoid any possible repeat for #5, great work guys, can't even begin to imagine how good it will be in the flesh, come on 2013 !!!

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