Builder Bikes BF4

I am trying to poach pictures from all over the inner web…I am still missing a few..I think? but will post them soon. Here is 22 of the nicest bikes you will find anywhere…and very different from each other. Killer job to all our builders!

3 thoughts on “Builder Bikes BF4

  1. WhitelinePsycho says:

    Totally flabbered my gast, spectacular array of full on mind blowing bikes, thanks to you guys for putting it on and the builders for going above and beyond . . . eye candy overload !!!

  2. OldStuffsFuckinMental says:

    I just fell in love with kiyo's CB.
    Do you have his e-mail adress, I need to ask him some stuff about the wheels and paintjob.
    Blue/Gold is killer!

    Of course, the rest of the pics looks hot as fuck too, I pity the fool (me) who didnt have enough cash to fly over from europe…

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