Winner Found

The winner of the 69 stocker was found today.Mr. Ron Wayne of Culver City Ca.( ticket number 086 ) was the winner and is picking up his new bike this weekend. I spoke to Ron on the phone and he was in shock and extremely grateful..very cool dude. He said the stock bike would have been his first choice anyway so it all worked out and both guys are happy. Thanks to all of you who supported Born-Free through this promotion. This is how the show continues to grow & get better and gets paid for. We hope to be posting pics of the show soon and of Ron picking up his new bike. Thanks again for coming out in the 10,000’s plus to the best Born-Free to date.

2 thoughts on “Winner Found

  1. WhitelinePsycho says:

    I don't mind not winning one of the two remarkable bikes but I really mind not being there, what you two guys do with this gig is nothin short of amazing . . . BF5 is now, for me, an imperative of the highest order, and all the best for getting that together.

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