Born-Free Thanks You

It’s going to take a few days to heal and digest the last few days but until then….Thank you to everyone who came out/rode out and supported the show,the generous sponsors,all the vendors,the talented builders and everyone else.The estimate was over 15,000 people throughout the day. Thank you so much.

4 thoughts on “Born-Free Thanks You

  1. Bryan Sullivan says:

    So bummed I couldn't make it. What's the deal with the raffle? When do the non-present numbers get posted? Maybe I can get some love out of missing the best Moto show in the country!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    The first ticket pulled the guy was present and he picked the chopper. The 2 nd ticket pulled the guy was not present. I have not beed able to reach him yet?? so stay tuned we may pick another ticket for the stock bike. I do not have the tank winners names yet but we have contacted them so if I did not call you you did not win. Thanks again to everyone!!!

  3. Wheelman says:

    Mike and Grant, I broke down 150 miles north of LA and had to call for a rescue 911 (Raider Van, big brother Steve and a long drive back to Vacaville). I will be making the trip next year but, I won't push my Shovelhead as hard, ha ha!

    I blogged about the the adventure on take a look when you have a chance.


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