So it begins…the Journey west!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again, time to pack your bike with all your gear and make that cross country trip with your friends that you’ll never forget. To me this is one of the greatest things about Born-Free. Even though we don’t get to do it, we hear from many of you that do about your journeys from all over North America on old machines through cities and states, across two-lane roads and interstates, the good the bad, the blue skies, rain, roadside nights and this alone makes the show worth it for me. Motivating people to something like this is a great accomplishment in my book and i can’t wait to see and hear from you this year.

I saw these photos on the Kemosabe and the Lodge blog this morning and it brought back good memories seeing these guys at Born-Free from year one. Safe travels!
For anyone riding, feel free to email pics from the road and we’ll post them here,

One thought on “So it begins…the Journey west!

  1. sin says:

    Fuck yeah!
    I'm glad to be alive for this. Makes me want to ride up to the SF bay to just ride down the 1/PCH with friends to BF4.

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