6 Over DVD Released @ BF4

We are please to announce that the 6 OvER Movie DVD will be officially released at Born Free 4 June 30 th. This will be the first time you will be able to buy this highly anticipated film loaded with your favorite characters many of which were doing their BF3 Builder bikes when the movie was filmed. These guys have been killing themselves to get the movie done and they did. They will have a special 6 Over booth next to Dice so please stop by and get a copy.

0 thoughts on “6 Over DVD Released @ BF4

  1. jason webber says:

    "characters" is right….me being a method actor completely consumed myself playing the role of a socially oppressed man battling obesity and the common struggles of lower-middle class America. So Commited to this role as was Christian Bale in the Machinest, I did quite the opposite and gained 60 pounds to get an accurate feel for my character.