Some General Show Info::

There are NO DOGS allowed this year..last year we did not know what we could and could not do and some people brought dogs. This year we do know and the insurance as well as the conditions to lease the show grounds state NO DOGS allowed. So please do not bring your dog. Next is there is NO CAMPING on the show grounds and the show does not open the general public until Saturday June 30 th at 10am. There will be no admittance to the show until 10 am unless you are a vendor, sponsor or part of the builder invite. Lastly there is no street parking anywhere…DO NOT PARK IN THE STREET..if you do you will be towed immediately and the Fire Dept has issued a warning about this. We have opened up another huge parking area so we will not have an issue like last year. We know that rules suck and we all don’t want to be told what to do but to do this show ( It’s only Grant & myself) and make it run smoothly we need to follow all the rules of the site owner,the Fire Dept and Local Law enforcement or we simply can not do the show. We thank everyone in advance for cooperating and all those who support the show and what we are doing. Please come out and enjoy yourself.