Judging and Awards

We know some of you like and care about awards and such and some of you it’s really not that important. For those who care we are doing awards again this year and have a pretty extensive list of categories. We also will have special guest judges to do the judging. There is no formula or rules to what they pick. It’s all done in fun and the spirit of the show.The judges are going to have a tough time seeing all the bikes so we encourage everyone wanting to be judged to park in the show bike area…if you are a vendor and want your bike in your space you may not be found. So plan accordingly. The Best In Show Award will be given out by myself and Grant which is going to be extremely hard and that award will only be eligible to those bikes in the show bike or builder area. There is just no way to search every square inch of show to find the winner…So please put your bike in the show bike area.I hope this helps….PS the show is based around vintage motorcycles but we welcome new bikes too, so if you are building a new Triumph street tracker or a full show FXR…we want you!