Enter the Milwaukee Murderer

Tyler’s builder update… Milwaukee Murderer: Dual Engine Triumph Build Update 4-12-12Work ensues on Milwaukee Murderer, my dual-engine Triumph land speed race bike that I am plugging away on, getting it finished to bring and debut at Born Free 4 in California on June 30th, 2012. I originally had a hillclimber style H-D springer on the front, which looked great, but I opted for this NOS Metal Profiles 32mm fork from the early 70’s instead, half the weight and better handling. Especially at speed. Todd, in-house Tech at Lowbrow, has been working on assembling the motors. We are further ahead than this at the moment, however I just love this photo. Setting up the rear wheel with the quick-change Lester mag wheel, carriers, sprocket, 10-1/2″ quick-change disc, and KustomTech caliper has been time consuming! One of those tasks where nothing is easy to find or even exists, and every bit and piece has to be made or modified so it all works together. This bike will have much more stopping power than my 1955 single engine Triumph race bike, though stopping isn’t what I am concerned with, it’s going. A quick mockup, testing controls on the old Tommaselli clip-ons. Dead-man switch in case I come off the bike, KustomTech Classic Master Cylinder, Pingel micro switch as a kill, and a dual pull throttle. Lots going on there, but all necessary. — www.lowbrowcustoms.com‘Like’ us for special updates, contests, and to stay in the know!facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms
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