BF Sponsor 74’s Forever

Lucas Creamer from 74’s Forever bike was featured in a French biker magazine called Wild. The bike was built for our Builder Invite @Born Free 3.Nice work to all parties involved.

9 thoughts on “BF Sponsor 74’s Forever

  1. WhitelinePsycho says:

    Always thought it was a cool ride, never a huge fan of 'white' stuff but the Cream Mosheen kicks it fully . . . you guys are really growin this blog caper, way good !!!

  2. rubysoho says:

    so, was the bike built by luke at 74's forever, or by rodney at speedmetal? i thought at BF3 it said it was built by dave barker and lucas of speedmetal. but, i do have to add. i do not speak or read french so i do not know if dave barker's name is mentioned.

  3. WhitelinePsycho says:

    Just popped by to see how this is progressing along . . . I don't envy poor old Scary Clown Mike at the moment, he does something cool and straight up and it turns out he becomes the shit in a sandwich . . . things are getting curiouser and curiouser, strange gig, life . . . anyhoo, it's still a cool looking scoot, cheers Mr Davis, love your BF'n work.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Yes, Ruben you are right. The bike was entered by SpeedMetal from Dave & Lucas.We loved the bike and both guys.They both are working with Born-Free now as individuals.So that should solve it. We do not want to air out personal issues here on this site. Thanks to all for your understanding.

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