Born Free Input Needed

Ok…we need your input / comments. On the 1969 stock FLH that we will be giving away @ BF4..would you rather have a stock( Style) black & white paint job or something wilder. Sonny boy is painting the bike and is incredibly talented so keep that in mind.

17 thoughts on “Born Free Input Needed

  1. 79rigid says:

    I'm with the other guys.Isn't that the point of doing a stocker and a chopper?What about letting the winner pick the paint jobs?I know it doesn't look super dope before and during the show but that would be an interesting twist.Having said that,other than MAYBE a sprung solo,there's not a damn thing I would have changed about last year's bike,including the paint.

  2. Jess says:

    Stock sounds like a simple idea. An idea easy to mess up if you start thinking too hard. I think I would pick a color other than black and white. Harley offered nicer paint schemes than that.

  3. Chris K says:

    Stock is stock. One thing though, in 69 H-D didn't offer black and white that year. All of the FL's including black ones had flat black on the bottom half of the tanks.

  4. Irish Rich says:

    Stock – there's a lot Sonny can do with the Signal Red, Jetfire Orange, or the Hi-Fy Burgandy to give it a little more "pop" and vibrance, and still be pretty close the Factory paint scheme. Those three colors look great with the white Factory fiberglass parts, and definately the Factory wrinkle black and the white striping for a two-tone.

    Sonny has a chopper to go nuts on, stick with a late-'60's stock scheme on the dresser. But, like you said, you want suggestions, but I'm pretty sure you guys are leaning to one way on the final paint as we type.

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