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In case you didn’t know, Born-Free is about people getting involved to make something happen. From support emails, to offers to help, to building bikes, riding cross the country or CANADA! to get to the show, showing up period regardless of what you are on or creating art.
We thought the open invitation last year and again this year to send your art in was a great opportunity to get those involved that maybe art is their talent where someone else might be good behind a welder or paint gun.
We’ve been posting it as we get it and you may see you work on a limited shirt, poster, flyer, or who knows what. So put your pen to paper and create!
Gorgeous George from Death Science sent this in:

3 thoughts on “Do Something

  1. Mike Davis says:

    We are having a Born-Free T Shirt art contest. Deadline January 1st 2012.We will pick a winner for the Tee and we will have many uses for the submitted artwork. The Born Free Motorcycle show is June 30 2012.

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