BF3 Builder Spotlight

Shawn from Bronsonville entered a special bike with a long story and many hands have touched this Shovelhead. I bought the incredible motor from Chica a few years ago.He re-shaped it and polished to perfection.I bought the molded & Dished tank from John Edwards..who did all the work on it.I also got the nos Bates seat set from him who got them years ago on Ebay from Adam Nickel who does my art and the Born Free stuff…he now has the Bear Seat Co. & a top sponsor.Don’t get lost there’s more. I traded the bike as a project to Joe ( current owner) for a Knucklehead which I have since sold back to him. Joe gathered the remaining parts and sent it to Shawn to finish all the fab work.After some design changes they got it ready to paint…Enter Scott Craig…who painted the bike.Shawn worked night & day before Born Free to get it done..and did!