Born-Free 4…

We know that everyone out there has been wondering if we were going to do Born-Free again in 2012…even though Mike and I have been trying not to think about it for a while, we kinda had to due to some time sensitive decisions that needed to be made if the answer was yes…

So even though it was a little rushed (we don’t have art, etc) we are formally announcing BORN-FREE 4 on June 30th, 2012! It’ll be at Oak Canyon Ranch again where we held BF3. More to come soon.

Our big dilemma is that we bought a 1969 FLH Shovelhead CREAM-PUFF to use as the base of the BF4 bike…we were gonna yank the motor and trans and sell off the carcas…but after we got it off the transporter i got it running and we have just been dialing in a few things on it, all the while falling in love with the beast. This sucker is pretty all original with lots of accessories and what seems to be a motor rebuild, it just needs some regular use after sitting for quite a while in a heated garage in the Motor City…

Our QUESTION to you is would you spend money on posters/tickets for this bike like it is or would you rather have a ’69 Shovel chopper? Please leave your comments! (even though we pretty much know what we have to do…)

Also, if you would be interested in buying the bike minus the motor and trans let us you. You could drop in just about anything and be on the road in Electraglide in Blue style! email if you are serious. We are in Socal and can ship anywhere.

48 thoughts on “Born-Free 4…

  1. tpsmith says:

    First of all, THANK YOU for going ahead with BF4! I was all set to say turn it into a chopper till I saw the picture, I think this one is too nice to chopperize, would be a shame. I did it to a 75 FLH but it had a lot less original parts and I still felt bad about that one. Sell this bike or keep as is and get a donor motor and trans for a raffle chopper.

  2. David Bond says:

    Leave it alone, build a different bike, if you build a custom. What a beauty! But if you offered it as is, I will buy the same amount of tickets…

  3. Chris K says:

    "I still like to chop up old (stock) motorcycles, even though most on the internet think it's dumb" might be another slogan for Grant, but why mess up such a nice old bike when there's so many parted out engines, trans, and crappy bikes needing to be properly recycled out there. Also, If you don't think you'll sell as many tickets with it, sell it to start a new build fund.

  4. 79rigid says:

    Very stoked there's gonna be a BF4.I guess I'm in the minority but I still like choppers.I guess sell it and find another genny shovel.

  5. Irish Rich says:

    Hey, I'm all for cutting just about everything up, but in this case…..

    I'd either get it running tip-top, and use it as the raffle bike for BF 4, or I'd sell it, and get myself another engine and trans to start another raffle bike build.

  6. Irish Rich says:

    Now that I see Caleb's comment, doing a Hirschberg-style bob on it, and including all the take-off parts with the bike as part of the raffle deal would be a good alternative.

  7. Chris K says:

    After I thought about it, I actually thought the very same thing the Irish Rich said. A Hirschberg style bobber would be cool and it wouldn't require any cutting up. He even used 5 gallon tanks. On the other hand it looks like you might get enough tickets sold as is. No extra work needed.

  8. Skins says:

    Don't touch it!Raffle it off!If you make a shitload of $ off tickets and feel guilty throw your favorite charity a bone!But leave it as it is!

  9. grant says:

    Rich and Chris, i love the Hirschberg bikes too and have always wanted to build one…
    we have another idea that's actually pretty good and crazy…but keep em coming!

  10. Mick says:

    Hey, that looks just like my bike, now we're talkin, haha. I like it! And thanks for going ahead with BF4, I know it's a lot of work.

  11. andy says:

    a. the event is based around customizing. b. you aren't going to win an AMCA event with this bike its just not that "original" c. its a gen shovel they made a billion of them its not like cutting up an ace or a brough superior.

  12. Charlie Potatoes says:

    Please leave it and either find another bike to work with or do two, a chopper and a stocker. When all of our backs are bad and it gets a little tougher to ride, mark my words, the people still in the scene will be turning towards these beauties to ride.

  13. Dirtbags says:

    Cut that shit up.fuck that stock ass bike.thats why we chop anyway cuz we cant aford a fuckin harly.besides, they all look the same anyway .bobb it up dudes.

  14. Admin says:

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