Born Free Awards

The awards are done for fun…that’s it! We pick out our judges,give them a category and no guidelines or rules…so they basically pick out whatever they like.Sometimes they are spot on and sometimes they miss the boat….I don’t think Tubb’s 69 Sportster ( although very cool) should have won best modern bike but..ok.It’s all fun.There is definitely room for improvement in this area.We do have our special Best in Show award.This award is picked by the previous years winner and it also has no rules or guidelines.It is completely up to the person choosing…. on what they look for and what it means to them… and that’s how they pick it.I can say that so many of you brought out bikes of such high quality and a lot of style… you could have won any of these awards.I was talking with Yoshi from Garage Company yesterday who is pretty particular about old motorcycles..and he was blown away by all the neat old bikes & their quality.If you were there with your bike..thanks for coming out.