Born Free ..the day after

It will take a couple days to absorb what happened but we need to say thank you to VANS…not only did they support us from the start they came out in force with the party on wheels and killed it. They gave out free stuff all day,cooked for thousands for free and are just the nicest most generous,caring people to work with…it is absolutely true! Al you are a machine!!! Pete you do it at the highest level and we are so grateful for everything you did.I am sure that everyone who was at the show from the other sponsors to the vendors and the spectators will agree that you guys are true professionals and very special people.

2 thoughts on “Born Free ..the day after

  1. Shrewgy says:

    Vans is the real deal. You can thank the Van Doren family for keeping their events and event staff at the pinnacle of the game. It was great to see Vans there! Great event Born Free, was a pleasure to attend.

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