Oak Canyon ( Event Site ) Entrance’s

We will have 3 entrances to the show:: # 1 is the show bike entrance ..If you want to put your bike in the show you will come in gate #1 ( shown). Next is # 2,it is the walk in entrance..if you drove in a car..park it and come in this gate. There will be car parking in the lots above the site. Lastly is the # 3 entrance, it is the general bike parking entrance. If you are on a motorcycle but do not want to have it in the show this is for you.This gate will be on the far east end of the site and you still will be parked on the grounds just on the other side of the show bikes.We will have event staff to guide you to your destination.The massive vendor area will be in the middle of the show as well as the many food options you will have.