By the people for the People-Born-Free

One of the main reasons we started Born-Free is to get everyone involved. To level the playing field and wipe the bike show slate clean for a new generation…or to reenvigorate the older generations which brought us all so much of the old bikes we look up to and use as inspiration. We want young and old alike to RIDE into Born-Free 3 and hopefully each can learn from the other. Time’s have changed, but the love of motorcycles hasn’t. Many of you out there have made great sacrifices to come to Born-Free between taking time off work to fly from all over the world to riding accross the USA and Canada and back with little no fanfare from us, you did it because we gave you an excuse to do so and it just so happened the reward of a great show was worth it. 
Keep it up, we couldn’t do this without you. Born-Free can happen without you.

Even though we do have a short list of bike builders both pro, semi, and home builders that are part of a new showcase as part of the show, we know there are thousands of you out there that have been thrashing to get your projects done and road worthy to make the journey down the road to Born-Free 3.
While we are dinasours and aren’t on Facebook, twitter, etc, there are many people out there trying to unite riders on their way to Southern California in about two months.
Check out Kris’ Road to Born-Free blog. We’ve mentioned it before but he’s doing just this and also featuring people building bikes to ride to the show.
Anyway, see you all soon and don’t forget to pick up your Born-Free KNucklehead poster/ticket combo online before the show, because it’ll be a mad house to get one the day of the show…click the icon to the right.