Garage Company Born Free Video

Here is the video Michael Schimdt did for us with the Garage Company. The video is outstanding and Michael is super talented.Kiyo’s words are coming from a very special place and I really was touched with what he said. The embodies Born Free and we hope you get it… and join us June 25th..
Garage Company for Born Free 3 from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Garage Company Born Free Video

  1. Gareth says:

    Doesn't get much better than that … Kiyo put his heart into that build – you can hear it in his voice – Great stuff!

  2. Jason says:

    +1 Mike!
    …is'nt getting better than this. One man, an amazing motorcycle-many followers, because we are Born Free! I believe I am taking away many things from Kiyo and from all involved in BORN FREE!

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