New Bear Seat and P Pad Promo (( Read ))

Do you really need more incentive to buy your Knucklehead poster w/free ticket to win a 1946 Knucklehead built by the Garage Company? Well our friend/artist and sponsor of Born Free Adam Nickel of Bear Seat Co. has graciously donated a brand new Bates inspired leather solo seat and P pad to the cause.These are high quality seats and pads that Adam took alot of time and money to make these just as good as the originals. Ok here is the deal:: You buy {{ 2 }}Born-Free Knucklehead posters/w free tickets and you will get entered to win the seat and p pad. The promo starts tomorrow March 25 and runs until April 25 th.You can buy online,at the Garage Company,at live local events and at the Cycle Lodge.We will pick the ticket when the promo is over and annouce the winner. We will ship you the set or you can pick up from us. We gave away a killer tank last month and now this seat set…and you still are entered to win a Knucklehead!! I would say that a pretty good deal !! Any questions let us know.