East Coast Road Trip to Born Free

I have had a lot of emails about guys coming out from the east coast with haulers or trailers.You can unite and organize your trip right here on this post.If you are making the trip and looking for a truck to put your chopper on or if your a driver looking for some bikes to haul post your info in the comments.It would be a dream ( someday) to ride across country but we all have jobs and lives that we can’t get away from so there’s nothing wrong with getting to something you feel strongly about on a truck/trailer…that’s how I got to NY.We want you how ever you can get here.

3 thoughts on “East Coast Road Trip to Born Free

  1. electricchurch666 says:

    Headed from Twin Cities to Born Free. Trying to offset gas prices for the truck. Staying at Oneil Campground. Arriving June 24th headed back to Minnesota on the 26th. We're trucking 2 bikes in the bed and have 2 more spots on a trailer for those interested. We dont have enough room in the truck to take extra bodies but if you want to get your bike there and drive/fly down separate, maybe it will work for you? Contact Brian at info@SpeedClubINC.com for details.

  2. DSVANDER says:

    heading out from brooklyn ny june 10 heading to nc then leaving on the 12th from raleigh nc with a crew of 8 or so will have a chase van with tools if needed and possibly a trailer…. taking 40 west will know by end of april if we will have room to trailer a bike or 2 out……but if your gonna be ahead of us and need a hand or some tools save my info….. vander@deathscience.com ……..

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