A Do it All..

Painter ,builder,hair model… whatever….when it comes to motorcycles or cars John Edwards definitely has an eye….maybe a crazy eye but a special eye for sure.His 52 Space Kat in my opinion is one of the best ever built and now he is working on a new build and it will be at Born Free 3.John is part of our builder invite and his new Pan Head and according to him will be all show….If his 52 was not a show bike and this one is…be prepared to have your mind blown.He has done some outstanding paint jobs for a long list of characters myself included but takes his time on his sweet time on his builds and this one is guaranteed to not disappoint.John was the winner of our top award @ BF 1 and also passed it along to last years winner.We want the best for and at Born Free and having John part of the show will help achieve that.

4 thoughts on “A Do it All..

  1. ubs-Josh says:

    I predict the Mayor will take top honors again at BF3 making it 2 of 3. Now to make a best hair award to fill up any extra room on his mantel.

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