coming attraction

If you were at the Hippy-Killer hoedown you got to see a precursor to the finished paintjob, if not, look below. While Josh, Mike, Grant and a man called Bronson have been makin with the bacon in the chino fab shop on the born-free pan I’ve been scootin in the sparybooth on the count chopula of all sugary sweet kandy pearl peanuts. Inspiration comes from a greek book of optical art from 1970 and all of the Rick Griffinesque psychedelic concert posters of the filmore

circa 1967-8. And just like those old screenprinted posters I had cut the lettering, no plotter used here folks, thats called cheatin. and popsickles. Stay-tuned til sunday true-believers for the unvieling of the whole bike in all its glory. SUNDAY-SUNDAY-SUNDAY

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