Sponsor Spotlight on FTWCO

many of you out there in bloggerland are very familiar with the whole Church Of Choppers crew and their daily dose of everything two wheels and more, but did you know that the mastermind behind it all has a new venture to help any and all of you the ride…anywhere in the world? But in order for FTWCO to work, you need to pitch in with your two-cents.

FTWCO is a place where you can log in and contribute your favorite rides and places to check out while on the road. You serch by state and now even by country and can get a heads up of where to and not to ride before you hit the road-pretty cool. Not only that but there are rad daily videos and even a FTWCO race team and a whole page deticated to their activities. Basically you don’t need to look at anything else on the geek machine except FTWCO!

Jeff is also packing one of his sweet Church Of Choppers rider backpacks with COC and FTWCO gear and sending it out for us to giveaway with the Born-Free Panhead. And if you are ever in Iowa, stop by Kung Fu Tap and Taco, rumer is there will be a Dice party there soon.